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Progressive Canada
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We drive the energy transformation towards a connected and sustainable world

Our Philosophy

We believe in a unified Energy & Mobility Transformation

As the world population grows from 7.5bn today to 10bn by 2050 and living standards also continue to grow, the world will consume up to 50% more energy in 2050 than today. 
Although this trend will be partially offset by growing energy efficiency, alternative energy will play a key role in meeting this demand as fossil fuels start losing their competitive edge and are facing increasing social pressure. As prices continue to drop renewable energy becomes more competitive with fossil fuels. The significance of renewables will grow as it will make up to 40% or more of the energy mix by 2040 covering an investment volume of $8 trillion with 50% invested in the Asia Pacific region

Enabling Energy & Mobility Transformations

Extraordinary Thinking

  • Helping your business prosper
  • Imaginative solutions require creative thinking. We aim to uncover new and unique ways that can help your business become more Energy & Mobility efficient.
  • Using strategic injections of public funding, Progressive Canada mobilises private investment to advance market readiness for clean energy & mobility services across Canada.

We are Energy Consultants

  • Our aims are to expand energy and mobility access, improve lives and economic opportunities, build sustainable markets, and combat climate change.
  • Our team of energy experts are dedicated to finding new, imaginative solutions to whatever challenges you’re facing, from complex regulatory compliance to future-proofing energy security. 
  • We offer a complete suite of solutions, from consultancy and financing right through to implementation and management.

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