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The way we live is changing. Our needs and values as a society are evolving, impacting significantly on how we engage with the landscape around us. Our strength is in our communities. Working together to develop smart, sustainable initiatives that conserve resources and help neighborhoods and economies thrive.


We are empowered by the choices we make. Both for ourselves and for the benefit of our environment and society as a whole. We expect more from the businesses and products we align ourselves with, understanding the positive impact we can make on the world.

Our homes are smarter, our towns and cities too. We are a global community, facing challenges together. Progressive Canada is proud to lead the energy sector towards a brighter, more connected future. Helping our customers to live smarter and build resilient communities for many generations to come.

Human-machine partnerships: the role of digital assistants
We've all looked enviously at the Hollywood elite with their roster of personal assistants buzzing around in the background, organising every facet of their personal and professional lives. Wouldn't it be amazing to have somebody dedicated solely to making your life easier too?

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