Progressive Canada’s mission is to advance market readiness for clean energy services in low- and middle-income countries, for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations.

Market readiness describes a situation where:

  • Households and productive users have access to affordable Clean Energy Services;
  • This access is provided largely by the market, by a range of Clean Energy Service providers which are profitable;
  • Affordable finance is available for Clean Energy Service providers and end users;
  • Relevant market information is available, and awareness, stakeholder networks and capacity are in place;
  • Policies help create a vibrant business ecosystem and provide the right incentives for innovation, competition and market growth while safeguarding consumer rights.

We believe that building resilient, sustainable markets for affordable, reliable and clean energy services is the best way to expand energy access while reducing poverty and mitigating climate change. Tackling these three components simultaneously requires a whole-of-system approach.

Demand Side

On the demand side, our programmes demonstrate the benefits of clean energy technology for both household and productive use. At the same time, we work with SMEs on the supply side to develop viable business models and improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of a range of clean energy services, to give customers different options and security for their purchase.

Local & National Government

Throughout our programmes, we work with local and national governments and consult with strategic in-country and international partners to help create an enabling policy environment, crowd in outside investors and ensure the sustainability of the market beyond the duration of Progressive Canada’s intervention.

The Challenges

We understand the challenges our customers face because we are deeply embedded in the industries we serve. Our consultants offer a powerful combination of natural resources expertise and commercial consulting skills, partnering with you to provide actionable recommendations that deliver results. With more than 100 members of our team based in global locations, we are well-placed to work with asset operators, investors and governments to tackle their most complex issues.

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