From energy consultancy to ongoing management and everything in between, we offer a full range of solutions to help drive your business towards zero CO2 with zero risk. Fuelled by inquisitive thinking, we work alongside you, getting to understand your unique business challenges to create a solution that works for you.

Turning challenges into opportunities

The onset of new energy trends and tighter regulations pose difficult questions for businesses. But with intelligent thinking, each new challenge can bring its own set of opportunities to evolve and grow. Investors in renewable energies come from diverse backgrounds: project developers, energy suppliers, financial institutions, insurance companies, private equity funds, private investors, the public sector as well as water suppliers.



As new advances in energy efficiency emerge, the way you power your operations can’t just save you money – it can be a source of income too. Our power and renewables consulting team is supported by proprietary, best-in-class research spanning our solar, wind, energy storage, grid edge and power market practices. We help you build a clear understanding of the practical changes required to deliver value and the robust plans that will sustain it.



Why treat sustainability as a box-ticking exercise when you can use it to boost productivity – and help the environment? Our experts delve into the commodity trends and market fundamentals that drive the valuation of different technologies and resources, throughout the world. This affords us both the insight and experience to help you navigate the convergence of new technologies and emerging industries. We substantiate your strategy with a grounded investment thesis and enable its success through the optimisation of your resources and organisation.



Any threat to your energy supply is a threat to your business. Having an action plan in place is the key to staying up and running in a crisis. We empower your next move with industry-specific transactions advice and insight based on our detailed understanding of deal-flow across energy. We help you build a clear understanding of the practical changes required to deliver value and the robust plans that will sustain it.



Being smarter with your energy use can help you give your customers and employees a better experience, while keeping energy costs to a minimum. We work with a diverse mix of clients, from oil and gas companies seeking to understand the impact of electric vehicles on fossil fuel demand, to financial services companies investing in energy storage and large-scale renewables, and utilities evaluating the optimal mix of products and services to meet the preferences of those they serve. 


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